Dog Sitting or Boarding

Pals4Pets is the pet sitting company in London. This means that we take responsibility for all our sitters and have public liability insurance. Our skill is in finding and matching you with the best sitter for your pet.

Pals4Pets is the country's pioneer, starting in 1998, of one to one dog sitting and dog boarding in a home. This is the best service for your pet as an alternative to kennels. We specialise in one to one care but if you have more than one dog they will be kept together. Some dogs are happier with others and this can also be arranged.

None of our dog boarding sitters have full time jobs so your dogs will not be left on their own for extended periods, but will be walked and be given their full attention.

Pals4Pets has been matching dogs and sitters and has a vast amount of experience to draw on. We have no age limit, from puppies to seniors. We will cook fresh food, give medication, etc.

Alternatively, Pals4Pets can also provide a dog sitting service in your home remaining for as many hours as you require and this service can be combined with dog walking

If you need evening dog sitting this can be arranged so that you don't have to rush home from work.

All sitters are interviewed in their own homes, vetted, and given support and training. Pals4Pets sitters are insured and have a 24 hour helpline. Sitters who enter your home are also police checked.

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